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Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of urban dog training and strengthen the bond between dogs and their urban owners.

You have a fearful, reactive, or aggressive dog.

You're sick of feeling isolated, hopeless, and struggling. You'd really love to bring your dog into the world.

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We're special. We're social.

Our specialized focus is on socialization dog training in urban landscapes, where dogs and humans may encounter challenging and ever-changing situations, making it crucial to address potential clashes through effective training methods.

Take a look.

Join our inclusive online community for masterclasses, live seminars, insightful blogs, and unique merchandise. Enhance your dog training skills, deepen your understanding, and strengthen bonds with your dog. Celebrate urban dogs and embark on a journey of growth and learning.

Built with you in mind.

Home is where it all starts.

Quick setup

You just need a laptop, strong WiFi, and some dog food to get started.

Easy to use

We get it, your local pet store group obedience class is not going to cut it. Especially for dogs who might eat their classmates or not even make it to class. So... we make it easy - online, wherever you are. Starting small before going big.


Contact us for special packages for very special pups.

Real talk.

Our blog is always being updated with the latest tips, tricks, and discussions. Check it out!