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Frequently asked questions

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What is purpose of this course program?
We are dedicated to teaching dog owners how to best live in or transition to living in a city. The process of socializing dogs in urban environments, can be challenging, on top of all the other logistics of moving to an area with rules, regulations, limited green space. We provide applicable, flexible, and simple-to-understand guidance to dog owners. We want owners to become confident, not confused!

What kind of courses are offered?
We offer 1 main course at this time, called "City Life". We will be rolling out in 2024, additional courses specifically designed for urban dogs. Our main flagship course cover essential topics such as urban socialization, leash manners, public etiquette, urban navigation, and more. We hope this course will prepare you for your future urban adventures.


Why is socialization important for urban dogs?
Socialization is crucial for urban dogs as it helps them become well-adjusted, confident, and comfortable in bustling city settings. It enables them to navigate various situations, interact positively with other dogs and people, and cope with the unique challenges of urban living.


Can you help with specific urban behavior issues?
Our courses address and offer suggestions on how to prevent the development of prevent common urban behavior issues such as leash reactivity, fear of crowds or traffic, separation anxiety, and more. We aim to teach owners a new way of thinking about living in a city so that they can freely develop their own methods in training their dogs to over come urban challenges.  

Are the courses suitable for all dog breeds?
Yes, our courses are designed to benefit dogs of all breeds and sizes. The course is most valuable for larger working breeds, which are harder to handle and sometimes more sensitive to an urban environment. 

How does the online course work?
Our online sessions offer generalized guidance and support. Although the instruction is not live, we anticipate the most common concerns, provide examples, and suggestions on how you can take the framework provided and customize it yourself to meet your dog's specific concerns. This allows us to keep the cost of the program very accessible. 
Is there a free resource available?
Yes, we have a free blog on our website as well as a public Medium blog that offers valuable articles, tips, and advice on urban dog training and socialization. It's a great starting point to gather insights and enhance your understanding of urban dog ownership.


What do I do if I need additional assistance?

We are a licensed and insured business, and encourage you to reach out to us with any concerns. Use our contact form in our website or directly reach out to us via email.


Is this style of training R+, force-free, or balanced?

There is no specific style of training that is pushed in our course(s). We provide a framework that is flexible to the dog owner. This is because what works on one dog will not work on another. We provide many examples on how situations can be handled as a reference. No matter what school of training you used to teach your dog to "sit", you will gain insights that enhance your existing understanding of communicating with your own dog.