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About us

Empowering Urban Dogs to Thrive and Unleash Their Potential


Our specialty

Our courses focus on city socialization and etiquette, helping you and your dog become the envy of other dog owners. Whether you have a puppy, a rescue, or an older dog, our foundational steps will guide your transition to urban life.

Our purpose

We specialize in socialization dog training for urban living, addressing unique and sometimes dangerous challenges.

Our courses prepare you to navigate urban environments, covering best practices, strategies, and easy exercises to help you and your dog thrive.



Our history

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, we emerged to help dog owners adapt to changes like lockdowns and returning to office work. Dogs often face these transitions unprepared. Our positive-based, gradual socialization methodology aims to equip owners for city living complexities, focusing on prevention.

We are committed to offering accessible, affordable, on-demand courses for all experience levels.

Our principles

We foster inclusivity, education, and empowerment. Our online community shares valuable insights through a free blog and offers unique merchandise. We aim to create a supportive environment for dog owners to enhance their skills, deepen their understanding, and build strong bonds with their dogs. Join us in celebrating urban dogs and our journey of growth and learning.

Company news

We're always up to something around here!