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Navigating City Life with Your Dog: Essential Situation Management Tips

Living in a city comes with many challenges. 

Dogs that once lived in spacious suburban digs now are having to side step dropped food, trash, broken glass, while trying to maintain composure as bicycles, skateboards, and dumb trucks pass by. They’re not allowed to make a peep, strain on the leash given the sidewalk is barely 3 feet wide, pass by other dogs, and tolerate the occasional drunkard.

Here are some easy ways to prevent issues when moving to a city:

  1. Having a solid set of commands with your dog before you even get to the city.
  2. A great [dog trainer] who offers [dog training classes] can set you up for success. 
  3. Know how to avoid conflict
  4. Create structure in your personal life
  5. Be prepared as a handler to train in real time

However, dogs may not easily generalize the commands learned in an old environment when moved to a new one. For this reason, make sure to always carry [dog training treats] with you. This will help motivate them when they are feeling unsure. 

Here are some easy situation management solutions you should know:

  1. How to break up a dog fight
  2. How to get a dog to lift off a bite
  3. How to manage guests in your home
  4. How to crate your dog
  5. How to muzzle your dog

These tools will help you prevent and manage issues that arise with city life. You don’t want a lawsuit on your hands or complaints from neighbors that could lead to an eviction. You don’t want to constantly have to deal with conflict and stress - taking steps now, such as taking [online dog training] courses will help you reach your lifestyle goals with your dog.

Social Dogs LLC hosts a variety of courses that cover [aggressive dog training], [lunging], [barking], [separation anxiety], and more. Unlike other online courses that are long and boring video lectures, we provide real life examples, exercises, worksheets, homework, and live-consultation follow ups in a fun format! Who said it’s all work and no play?